Procedure – Attestation from UAE Embassy in Pakistan

Attestation from UAE embassy in Pakistan is one of the common and very important requirement for people who are working in United Arab Emirates. Many documents handling services are assisting Pakistanis for attestation of their educational and personal documents from UAE embassy in Pakistan.

Following documents handling services in Pakistan are assisting Pakistanis for attestation from UAE embassy in Pakistan:

  1. Gerry’s Visa Drop Box – Click here to visit official website
  2. Sasha International – Click here to visit official website

Requirements for attestation from UAE embassy in Pakistan:

Before submission for UAE embassy attestation all documents must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Further requirements:

  1. Metric & Inter Certificate: require prior attestation from IBCC along with CNIC copy
  2. Bachelor & Master Degree: require prior attestation from Higher Education Commission (HEC) along with CNIC copy
  3. Character Certificate: CNIC copy
  4. NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate: CNIC & Passports copies of both husband & wife, copy of Residence or Work Visa of Husband Or Wife
  5. NADRA Birth Registration Certificate: CNIC & Passports copies of father, mother and child , copy of Residence or Work Visa of father Or mother
  6. Divorce Certificate: CNIC & Passports copies of husband and wife, Copy of Residence or Work Visa of applicants

Sample Image of UAE embassy attestation:

Attestation from UAE Embassy in Pakistan

Step to follow:

  1. Visit the office of relevant documents handling service depending upon your city where you lives in and submit your documents along-with their official fee.
  2. UAE embassy accepts their fee in US dollars only, so call the relevant agency to inquire about the updated embassy fee and arrange this fee in US dollars currency before your visit. Make sure that your arrange new and fresh notes in dollars and less then 5 dollars note is not acceptable.
  3. Processing time is 1-2 working days but this duration can vary by the UAE embassy.

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  • Sahil Khan

    Someone here who can help me for my kid birthday certificate attestation I need for UAE visa

  • Ahsan Ali Depar

    may send my friend or cousin for attestaion

    • Kashif Amanullah

      Anyone of your family member can submit your documents for attestation from UAE Embassy

      • Maryam Ali

        may i know documents

        • Wajid Shah

          Clear colored passport copy of the applicant, original NIC of the person whose submitting on behalf, and proof of relationship. or else if you need some help, msg me on facebook, i will help you, FREE OF COST, anyone needs help, can drop me a masge.

          • سکندر نواز

            Dear @disqus_ZcsFdpfonL:disqus . I am in UAE. Do you know someone to attest MSc Psychology degree for my wife. We will pay them.
            We need someone in Peshawar.

          • تعلق أميرة

            I can’t find yew on fb I need lil help

          • Wajid Shah
  • Muzamil Imran

    I have to get my son certificate of KG 1 attested.. for uae whats the procedure?

  • Muzamil Imran

    Plz can anybody tell. His admission on hold.. i have to get it attested in karachi