Procedure to get Pakistani Police Clearance Certificate

A Police Clearance Certificate in Pakistan is very important document issued as a result of a background check by the relevant police department to show any criminal records that the applicant may have.

Why Police Clearance Certificate is needed?

This document can be required in many situations but normally a Police Clearance Certificate is needed for following reasons:

  1. By your employer if you are applying for a job
  2. For immigration process
  3. For visa process
  4. To get admission in foreign college or university
  5. For marriage in other countries

Requirements to get Police Clearance Certificate in Pakistan:

  1. Copy of applicant’s valid CNIC / NICOP
  2. Copy of applicant’s valid passport
  3. Copy of CNIC / NICOP from father
  4. Copy of CNIC / NICOP from mother
  5. Copy of CNIC / NICOP from husband (for married women only)
  6. Marriage Certificate (for married women only)
  7. Copy of any utility bill / residence proof of address
  8. Passport size photographs of applicant (with blue background)
  9. An affidavit (if applicant is out of country)
  10. Application Form

Sample image of Application Form:

Police Clearance Certificate

Sample image of Police Clearance Certificate:

Police Clearance Certificate

Step by step procedure:

  1. Where to Go – Normally a Police Certificate can be obtained from SSP Office or D.I.G Police Office of the city and if there is any other issuing office they will guide you accordingly.
  2. Application Form – You will be asked by the issuing police office to fill an application form which they will provide.
  3. Fee – As per our knowledge and information there is no official fee to get Police Character / Clearance Certificate but the concerned police department will inform you if there is any fee for this process.
  4. Submission – Submit filled application form along-with all required documents. In case they need any additional step from you like verification from local police station they will guide you for that.
  5. Completion – There is no specific time period for completion of this verification process by the issuing police department. But keep in mind approximately 7-12 days. Further, issuing police department will better inform you about the completion date and time.

Note: For updated and more accurate information please call or visit local police department of your city.

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25 thoughts on “Procedure to get Pakistani Police Clearance Certificate”

    1. Many thanks Kashif, I’m done with everything and the certificate is about to be sent to me by tomorrow. I reached the citizens facilitation center of my local police station.

      1. Ednan please put all the information here on a new message that what you have done to get that. In this way I believe all the peoples will be knowing the procedure.
        That will be a big help from you to everyone whos outside PK and need Police Clearance Certificate from Pakistan.
        Thanks in Advance.

        1. You’re welcome Waqas Bhai! 
          Well, its quite easier to apply for it nowadays. You simply need to reach the “Citizen Facilitation Center” situated inside every police station. Make sure you reach the police station of your home town (according to the permanent home address on your CNIC) else, you’re going to have a lot of trouble finding something other than your local police station as no one knows where to get hold of someone who can help you get a Clearance certificate. I went to numerous places in Lahore and couldn’t find even a single person to help me. Even policemen have no idea about what it is all about. So, long story short, simply go to facilitation center along with a fresh passport and CNIC and they will take care of the rest.
          1- first they will ask you to produce the above documents then you need to reach the nearest post office to make a payment of PKR 1100.
          2- You’ll have to manage the attestation thing once they collect all the data from you and take your picture (using the USB cam they bought for Rs. 250 :p )  Afterwards, they will say good bye to you telling the estimated wait time (approximately 2 weeks).
          If I missed anything, I’d suggest you to simply call your police station and ask them to transfer you to facilitation center, they will assist you promptly. NO FEAR
          Thank you and I hope this helped 🙂
          Good Luck!

  1. Is there anyway I can make an application for police clearance certificate at the nearest office ( other than the one near my permanent home address )?
    Thank You!

    1. sorry for late reply, as per our understanding Police Character Certificate can be issued from any address of stay where applicant stayed more then six months. For example, if someone stayed in multiple cities for job then he might be required to provide Police Character Certificate from each city of stay.

    1. Sorry for late reply, Gulistan e Jauhar is in East district of Karachi so all applicants who are residing in East district of Karachi can get their Police Certificate from the office of SSP or DIG East in Karachi.

    1. I think Surjani is in West District of Karachi so for issuance of Police Certificate of Surjani area applicant need to visit office of SSP / DIG West Office.

  2. If someone send his affidavit to his brother name but his brother is going for out of country then what should he do?
    Make a new affidavit ?
    use the old one and someone else like his father,wife or any other can receive one the affidavit send for his brother name?
    Kindly guide me I’m really worried what to do.
    Thank you.

    1. For Affidavit I will say as You are not in PK you can not be able to make that. So tell your Relative (Blood Relation : Father, Brother, Sister) whoever is going to collect or submit they can make that Affidavit from there in Pakistan. But most cases if the applicant not in PK no need of Affidavit if you know someone who can help you under the table. But Authority Letter is MUST.

    1. bro for Lahore you need to make a authority letter for the name of person who will be submitting and then getting that back from Office. And that Authority Letter need to be attested from Pakistan Embassy where you are staying.

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